The Girls

[That’s Elsie on the left, Chaser on the right. . . summer 2012.]

Elsie and Chaser on[Same sweet faces, summer 2014].

Elsie and Chaser, my fur babies and the loves of my life (after my HH, of course–or maybe on par with him).

(“Um, excuse me, Mum, but I asked you to call me Ellen, not Elsie.”)

They’re often my inspiration, almost always my companions (and especially when I eat), and will frequently comment about what I write here. (“But you actually appreciate our input, don’t you, Mum?“)  And of course, I do appreciate their input. Especially when they help out with my crazy menopausal quests:

[That’s my Elsie  Ellen Girl.  Just look at those little pigeon toes!]

Chaser on[And Chaser has her own charms, too.]

(That’s Chaser on the left, Elsie Ellen on the right).


[Chaser’s not really drunk; she just looks that way all the time.]

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