Well-Balanced Red and Green for the Holidays: Chiles en Nogada

One of the most common traits exhibited by Libras is, supposedly, “indecisiveness.”  As a Libra myself, I don’t really mind that description.  Well, maybe a little.  But not really–it’s all in good humor, right?  Then again, who likes to be called “indecisive”?  Am I offended?! Yes. No. Definitely. . . . maybe. Represented by the scales, Libras […]

A Nice Chianti and Fava Beans? No. Muhammara? Thumbs Off–er, Up

I’ll never forget the phrase that haunted me for months when I was about 16: delivered in a low, undulating murmur heard through the telephone receiver, a deep, throaty male voice posed a simple question:  “Have you checked the children?” Anyone who recognizes that line is familiar with the horror movie When a Stranger Calls.  The premise is […]