Dog Day: Where’s Mum?

“Elsie, it’s so boring around here when Mum isn’t blogging as often. I mean, I miss my place in the spotlight. . . “ “Don’t worry, Chaser, she’ll be back in a day or two.  She’s just been really busy with work.” “Yaaaay!  I’m so happy to hear that!  Yippeeeee! Whoo hoo!” “I know–isn’t it […]

Dog Day: The Girls Meet M.C. Escher

[ONE LAST REMINDER: THE MAPLE SYRUP AND LAYER CAKE GIVEAWAY CONTEST ENDS TOMORROW!  IF YOU HAVEN’T YET, BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT TO ENTER–MORE DETAILS ON THIS POST.] Years ago, a friend at university introduced me to the massive tome Godel, Escher, Bach.  I was fascinated by the concept of discernible patterns that spanned […]


Mi Mum tuk off th kone becuz i wuz so sad. ** Now Im happee I playd with Chsr tody. But she bits my ear maybee i shud put th kone bak on. Thnks for asking abut me.  Wht grate blog buddys yu all are. xoxoxoxo Elsie **Also becuz i kept hittng th wall and […]

Cabbage T’horin

[I thought it would be fun to run a little series over here at RH: I’ll profile one one of my favorite foods, or a food that I’ve recently discovered and enjoyed, over several days.  For this fourth entry, I’m focusing on Coconut. The series is presented on an occasional (and entirely arbitrary) basis, before I move on to the next lucky comestible. ] […]

Pre-Blog Entry Blog Entry

Just poking my head in now that I finally see an end to all this work.  I wish I could tell you I’ve been away so long because I’ve been galavanting in Europe, or galavanting in Australia, or even galavanting in the Muskokas–but nay. Sadly, I’ve just been entangled by a monstrous pile of assignments to […]

Ten Photo Meme

I must say, I never expected my little apple butter sauce to cause such a stir (no pun intended–oh, all right, pun intended).  It always amazes me which blog entries elicit a strong reaction while others, like Andy Garcia, might be on par with their (more popular) contemporaries, but for some reason still don’t garner the recognition I think they deserve.  […]

Dog Day: Dog Days of Summer

The Girls love the glorious sunshine and heat, but spending too much time frolicking outside can take its toll. . . . [“Oh, Mum, I just adore summer–especially getting sprayed by the garden hose!”] [“Really, Chaser,  how puerile. Personally, I prefer to keep my distance from the hose and hang here by Dad’s foot.”] [“Ooooh. . . maybe I […]

Ths iz not a blg entree

Ar mum is dung doo doo ng duing fine shes werking hard. she mises th blog and hoeps to bee back sune. we mis it to. x o  Elsie + Chaser PS pls give us fud.

Dog Day: Fame Has Gone to Their Heads

It’s so great to hear from people who enjoy seeing (and hearing!) The Girls in the blog.  But I have to tell you, folks, what with all this attention, and then with the Oscar buzz happening yesterday (yay Daniel Day-Lewis!), they suddenly think they’re celebrities or something.  They’ve even begun to re-enact famous movies.  For instance, […]