Greek-Inspired, Soy-Free Breakfast Scramble

[STOP THE PRESSES!!!** I am beyond thrilled to share the news that Ellen (yes, that Ellen!) has featured one of my recipes on her “Going Vegan with Ellen” website! Thank you, thank you, Ellen, once again for your generosity in sharing my recipes! And thank you to reader Weisserose for letting me know about it […]

Chickpea “Quizza”

[Delicious as a pizza–stellar as a quiche.  This recipe has many talents!] Have you heard that Hugh Jackman, that alluring Aussie known best for his role as a latter day wolfman, is performing a one-man cabaret-style show here in Toronto right now?  That’s right: Wolverine’s tricks span beyond giving manicurists nightmares or saving bald-headed professor-types from magnetized […]

Grain Free Lemony Almond Pancakes

[Looking for more candida-diet recipe inspiration? Get 100+ recipes plus diet and lifestyle guidelines in Living Candida-Free!] These days, I try to be a little nutty every day. Of course I don’t mean “nutty” as in “I missed my plane so I’m going to become a minor celebrity on YouTube” nutty.  Or  “I think I’ll switch careers at […]