Coconut Pancakes

[Guess what? Deanna over at The Mommy Bowl is giving away a package of all three of my ebooks!¬†Hop over there to enter–after you read this post, of course! ūüėČ ] [Topped with Macadamia Spice Butter from Good Morning! ebook plus fresh pineapple chunks] Hope all of you who celebrate are having a great Passover!¬† […]

Pick-Your-Own Gluten Free Pancakes*

*Or, Thanks, Michael Ruhlman (for the rule, man). [Millet, buckwheat, oat and bean flour with chopped pears and cranberry compote] I’m all about freedom of choice. While my dad eats the identical breakfast every day**, I feel the need¬†to rotate among cereal (hot or cold), omelets, baked sweet potato and almond sauce, apple and almond […]

Easy Breakfast “Sausage” Patties and Biscuits with Smoky Almond Gravy

What?¬† Another breakfast recipe–and so soon, you say?¬† Well, you can never have too much breakfast is what I say.¬† I mean, breakfast really is the best repast of the trio of meals,¬†isn’t it? To begin with, if it’s breakfast time, you’re probably rested.¬† Your belly is¬†primed and ready to accept food¬†(after all, you have […]

Grain Free Lemony Almond Pancakes

[Looking for more candida-diet recipe inspiration? Get 100+ recipes plus diet and lifestyle guidelines in Living Candida-Free!] These days, I try to be¬†a little nutty¬†every day. Of course I don’t mean “nutty” as in “I missed my plane so I’m going to become a minor celebrity on YouTube” nutty.¬† Or¬†¬†“I think I’ll switch careers at […]

The Biscuit and The Scramble (to Woo Your Rake)

The close friendship between my buddy¬†Sterlin and me was soldered back in high school, when we first discovered that we were the only two girls in the entire school who had never had a boyfriend (well, I guess there was “BB,”¬†too, but we figured that sleeping¬†with the entire senior class had to count for something). […]

Holiday Brunch-Worthy: Tofu Omelet with Pesto, Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms

Now, I realize I promised a light and not-too-filling recipe today, but before we get to that, I must share something very rich and decadent and–because I ate most of it in one sitting–rather filling: the Peppermint Ritter Sport bar I won¬†(a while¬†ago, now) in Amey’s contest! I received the bar in the mail a […]

Corn Crêpes with Quick Tomato Tracklement*

* [or Concasse, if you prefer the more conventional term. . . but I just loved the word “tracklement” ever since I read it on Lucy’s blog, and besides,¬†“Tomato Tracklement” is just so much more alliterative.] Last weekend was our Canada Day holiday, and this year I learned an important lesson.¬† No, it wasn’t “Canada […]

Spontaneous Carob and Date Pancakes

Thanks, everyone, for all your wonderfully supportive and encouraging comments about the osteopenia diagnosis.¬† I’ve been boning up on the topic (sorry-ouch) and have some great recipe ideas to share in the next while (and even one today).¬† I’ll also get to my responses asap. . . sorry I’ve fallen behind a bit! Last week, […]

Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free French Toast Souffle with Summer Berries

In my mind, here’s¬†the perfect way to wake up on a Sunday morning: Outside, the weather is balmy. A mild breeze whispers¬†through the slightly opened window, curtains undulating softly with each¬†invisible breath.¬† The sun makes its presence known through the diaphanous curtain as it¬†tickles the pillows of our bed with little sparkles of laughing light. […]

Frugal Frittata

Whenever we visit my family in Montreal as we did this past weekend, I return to Toronto feeling a little discombobulated.¬† Since I was a callow¬†young’un when I moved away from home (at¬†17), I never really got to know La Belle Ville that well before I left, so I always feel like a tourist when […]