Three Meals plus Snacks: Breakfast Ebook, Lunch Meetup, Dinner(time) TV Gig, and DDD in Your Kitchen

[Whole Grain Waffles from Good Morning!: Breakfasts without Gluten, Sugar, Eggs or Dairy] With all the chaos over my dad’s heart attack earlier this month, I’ve been a little distracted and just yesterday, I realized that I’d forgotten to mention a few things I wanted to tell you all about!  So today’s post is dedicated […]

It’s Here: Anti-Candida Feast Digital Cookbook!

When I first thought about the holidays this year, I resigned myself to the usual ACD fare:  hummus, salads, lots of greens and maybe some veggie patties.  But then I thought, why shouldn’t I have a great holiday dinner, too?  I set to work coming up with a delicious menu that both the HH and […]