It’s Here: Anti-Candida Feast Digital Cookbook!

When I first thought about the holidays this year, I resigned myself to the usual ACD fare:  hummus, salads, lots of greens and maybe some veggie patties.  But then I thought, why shouldn’t I have a great holiday dinner, too?  I set to work coming up with a delicious menu that both the HH and […]

Food with a Great Personality (and Tuscan Bean and Chard Soup)

[Dinner Bowl with millet, sesame chard, grated carrot, avocado, grape tomatoes, and almond sauce.] When I was about four and the Nurse was eight, my parents decided to have our portraits taken.  Now, in those days (we’re talking Dark Ages of technology, folks) no one had heard of digital photography, let alone Photoshop; you had […]

Raw “Pad Thai”

[Now, doesn’t that dish just scream, “SPRING!”?] Your hubby calls with the fabulous news that he’s been given a promotion (in this economy!), and to seal the deal, his boss has asked both of you to join him and his lovely wife for dinner.  “Nonsense!” you reply.  “Why not invite them over here, as a thank-you? I’ll cook […]