Flash in the Pan: Serendipitous Black Bean Spread (or Dip)

[Sometimes, you just want a dish that’s quick and easy–no fuss.  I’ve decided to offer a mini-post every once in a while, for a dish that comes together incredibly quickly or else is so simple to make that no recipe is required. Here’s today’s “Flash in the Pan.” (For other FitP recipes, see “Categories” at right).] […]

Heather Nauta’s Spicy Black Bean Burgers

[Spicy Black Bean Burgers are a quick and easy recipe that will appeal to anyone. These burgers on their own are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg free, soy-free and yeast-free. Suitable for Stage 2 and beyond on an anti-candida diet. Please note that the buns are not part of this recipe; choose a bun or […]

A Gluten Free Holiday I: Healthier Over the Holidays with Lower Carb, Date-Free Squares

[Date-free Date Squares! Photo credit: Celine Saki.] Let’s get ready for the holidays! This is Week One of A Gluten Free Holiday–2011 Edition, so get those ovens fired up, pull out the fancy china, polish the silverware*, and start planning those place settings! The event is the brainchild of our lovely hostess, Amy over at Simply Sugar and […]