SOS Parsnips: Gena’s Raw Sushi “Rice”

I’m from the generation that was raised on soap operas.  In fact, I first learned to watch soaps at my mother’s knee (no, seriously: the TV was perched on her dresser at the foot of the bed; she sat on the bed, and I, on the floor. . . at her knee). When I was […]

SOS November Ingredient Reveal!

[No, my computer isn’t fixed yet.  But since this post was all ready to go anyway, I figured I’d let you all in on the SOS Ingredient reveal.  Enjoy!] Happy November!  It’s the beginning of the month, which means it’s also time for a new SOS Kitchen Challenge ingredient reveal! Your posts last month all […]

Autumn Fruit Crumble

I grew up in a home where my two sisters and I learned to bake before our birthdays hit the double digits. Before we learned to read, before we wore a training bra, before we could drive a car, we were baking. As young as four or five, we’d be enlisted to help stir a […]

SOS for October 2011: We’re Back (and Ingredient Reveal)!

Welcome back to our very first SOS Kitchen Challenge of the new season!  After a slightly protracted summer break, Kim and I are back in fine form with our monthly event that asks you to cook up either sweet or savory recipes using a featured ingredient.  Many thanks to all of you who’ve been asking […]

I Found My Thrill*: Freeform Blueberry “Cream Cheese” Danish (Grain Free, Anti-Candida, Vegan)

*Or, When Pizza Crust Eludes You, Make Danish [For those who missed it, there’s a mega-giveaway going on until Friday: Win one of FOUR amazing books (cookbooks and more. . . ).  Check it out here!] Despite our reputation as perhaps the most polite and tolerant folks on the face of the planet (and let’s […]

SOS Kitchen Challenge for June–Ingredient Reveal (& May Winners Announced)!

Last month’s carob challenge delivered many delicious submissions, from the sweet to the savory. As in past challenges, Kim and I offered up prizes to two lucky participants: a one-pint jar of Harrison’s Sugar Bush Maple Syrup, harvested by Kim’s family in Fence, Wisconsin, and a copy of my new e-book Good Morning! Breakfasts without […]

SOS Carob: Carob Fudge

[No, this isn’t the fudge.  But it does look darned tasty, doesn’t it?] Well, I had a nifty little “Flash in the Pan” post drawn up yesterday so I could share my new all-purpose GF flour mix, the one I used to make these coconut cupcakes, above.  After writing the post, I went back to my kitchen […]

SOS Carob: Carob Refrigerator Cookies

I hope everyone had (or is still having) a great Mother’s Day today!  Behold what I found on the mantelpiece this morning: Yep, for the first time ever, this year I received a card from The Girls.  I guess that hinting  cajoling  begging  having temper tantrums being a loving partner all year really paid off! 😉 […]

SOS Kitchen Challenge for May: Ingredient Reveal–and Anniversary Giveaway!

Welcome to another month and another round of the SOS Kitchen Challenge! After posting April’s roundup, Kim and I realized that the SOS Kitchen Challenge is now a year old. Our first challenge in April 2010 featured the beet, and we’ve been on a roll ever since.  Many thanks to all of YOU for continuing to […]

SOS Kitchen Challenge for April: Asparagus Recipe Roundup!

This past month, Kim and I chose Asparagus as our SOS Kitchen Challenge key ingredient, and set out a true “kitchen challenge”: could anyone actually come up with a (tasty) sweet asparagus-based recipe? Well, I’m thrilled to report that several of you rose to the challenge quite admirably! The asparagus recipes flowed in all month, […]

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