Grain-Free, Bean-Free, Oil Free Vegan Pizza Crust

[A quick and easy pizza crust that’s grain-free, bean-free, oil-free and totally delicious! Vegan, gluten-free and anti-candida friendly, too. Make two smaller or one large–either way, you’ll love this.] Hard to believe, but today is the HH‘s and my 16th anniversary! (Wait, how is that possible? I still feel as if I AM sixteen–well, internally, […]

Caramelized Onion, Shaved Butternut and “Goat Cheese” Pizza (Grain Free, Vegan)

When I was in grade school, there was exactly one boy (let’s call him Jerome) in our school who had a food allergy (to peanuts).  Jerome was already a bit too large (he towered over the rest of us; even in grade three, he was already level with our teacher, Mrs. B’s shoulders); a bit too […]

Grain-Free Pizza Crust

[Breakfast pizza: topped with sweet potato-almond spread, chopped chard, and cinnamon-coated apple slices] Although the anti-candida diet doesn’t require its victims  suckers followers to eat a grain-free diet, I’ve found more and more that I tend to find it easier to adhere to the torment  misery regimen when I eat grain free. But let’s face […]

Beet Pepperoni (Really!)

I heard there’s this thing calleed “Super Bowl Sunday” going on today.  Personally, I’ve never really seen the point.  I mean, seriously, what’s the big fuss?  A bunch of slightly overweight guys gripping a ball, then running and throwing it and then all that tumbling on the ground.  Gee, and all this time I thought bowling was […]

Freeform Tomato Tart with “Goat Cheese” and Basil

Before I get to today’s recipe, I’d like to mention two gifts: one for you, and one for me. The first is the Simply Bar giveaway prize you can win by going here. The giveaway is on until September 7th, so you’ve still got time to enter! [UPDATE: THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks to […]

Pizza with Pizzaz: Jalapeno Pesto Pizza*

* The HH loved this so much, he thought it needed a more jazzy name.  So he came up with “Pesto Fiesta Pizza.” Olé! One of the things I decided to do this summer was grow a garden, for the very first time.  Maybe it was the influence of the previous tenants, who had one of […]

Cookbook Review: Nava Atlas’s Vegan Express

  As you may know, I was a startled and very delighted recipient of Nava Atlas’s latest cookbook, Vegan Express, as a result of Susan’s contest a while back on Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen.  A couple of weeks ago, I was thrilled to receive the book in the mail, and set about making a whack of recipes […]

Spelt Pizza with Caramelized Onion, Artichokes and Chard

 Those of you who live in the GTA will be familiar with Il Fornello: the hip, alt-chic series of restaurants that seem to be able to satisfy all palates.  Besides fabulous pizza baked in wood-burning ovens, this contemporary Italian resto also provides a wide variety of dishes for those of us sensitive to wheat, gluten, […]

Leftover Pizza for Breakfast

 I must be on a “dinner-for-breakfast” kick.  This morning, I scarfed up the last 2 pieces of pizza from last night’s cooking class.  Normally, the class participants take all the leftovers home with them, but due to intermittent snow squalls throughout the GTA, two people cancelled at the last minute and left me with–yum!–breakfast. I am […]