Virtual Vegan Holiday Dinner: Carrot Pate (Appetizer Course)

No, you’re not imagining:  here I am again, a mere day after my previous post–and proffering yet another holiday-themed recipe! I know: totally out of character.  But it’s the holidays! I mean, doesn’t this happen to you, too? You’re invited to a plethora of holiday parties and events; and, since you really want to see all your […]

Spread the Love Around: Pâté Campagne*

* Or, “Nutroast, Nutroast, Wherefore Art Thou, Nutroast?” They say that everyone remembers their first time, and I am no exception.  As I’ve mentioned before, I was a late bloomer, so the event is indelibly etched in my memory. N.R was rich, deeply tan, warm and beckoning. One glance, and I couldn’t resist–I leapt right in, with […]

Country Pâté: Guest Post on Go Dairy Free

Today I’m a guest poster at Go Dairy Free, with the recipe for this tantalizing pâté.  It’s both soy-free and nut-free, too! Hope you’ll head over for a visit to check out the recipe (and I’d love to know what you think!) 🙂 [Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. If you buy using these links, at […]

Red Lentil Pate

[Simple to make, delicious to eat: red lentil pâté] The first time I purchased an ebook from Christy Morgan (aka The Blissful Chef), all I really knew about her was (a) she lived in LA; and (b) she cooked according to macrobiotic principles.  Well, since I’d studied the macrobiotic diet in nutrition school, I  knew it […]

Pastoral Onion Potato Bread and Rustic Carrot Pâté

I considered going back to basics and entitling this post, simply, “Bread and Spread,” but decided against the too-generic descriptor (even though it does offer up a lovely rhyme).  But these two foods, when eaten together, really could inspire poetry (if you’ll forgive the extended metaphor), so I opted for my slightly rhapsodic title instead.  And besides, […]

Raw Almond-Veggie Pate

When I was in nutrition school, one of the alternative diets we learned about was the raw food diet, also known as the living foods diet.  The diet consists only of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains (such as your garden-variety bean sprouts), as well as the occasional raw milk, cheese, or yogurt.  “Living” is defined as anything not […]