Lyme, Sugar and Healing from Chronic Disease: Hangout with Alison Smith, PhD

If you’re dealing with a chronic condition like candida, you know how tough it can be at times to persist and push through. With Lyme disease, the healing period can be even longer’ the diet protocol (which is also sugar-free) can present challenges to people who are already depleted in so many ways. In today’s […]

Smoky Zucchini Dip

  [Kim’s Buckwheat Crackerbread with my own Sweet Potato Spread] When I found out that my friend Kim was creating a recipe calendar, I squealed with joy.  You may know Kim as my partner in crime  sunworship  hoarding colorful earrings  the SOS Kitchen Challenge, as we alternate choosing ingredients and writing the kickoff post each […]

SOS Kitchen Challenge: Spinach Roundup

This month’s SOS (Sweet or Savory) Kitchen Challenge asked readers to whip up dishes with spinach, and wow, did you ever take on this challenge with gusto! We received a dozen fantastic, creative recipes to try that all highlight the super-healthy leafy green.  And yes, a few desserts are included as well! Thanks to everyone […]